Benefits of research chair activities

Development of knowledge and technologies required for the design of a bionic earplug that could also become a brain-computer interface. The earplug will integrate the following features in a single device:

  • Protect the wearer against harmful noise while enhancing speech and useful auditory perception
  • Enable in-ear communication: transmission and reception within the ear
  • Enable measurement of biosignals in the occluded ear canal as well as the measurement of brain waves using electroencephalography (EEG)

Integration of technologies developed by the research chair into SonoFit® technology developed by EERS (an earmold that can be instantly adapted to the wearer’s ear).

Development of innovative hearing products for the general public and industrial, military, and medical markets.

Fit-testing technology developed during initial collaborations between Sonomax and ÉTS is now being marketed globally by 3M, U.S. multinational and is proving to be a considerable technical and commercial success.

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