iBad: In-Ear Biosignals Audio Database

A comprehensive database of 25 subjects in-ear physiological signals has been created by researcher Alexis Martin from the EERS-ÉTS Industrial Reserach Chair in In-Ear Technologies, and is available, upon request to Prof. Voix, for other researchers.

A free sample of the database, provided as a Matlab binary file, is available for download, and contains the following test conditions:

    A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 = apnea
    A6E, A7E = apnea after exercise
    NP = deep nose breathing
    NN = normal nose breathing
    NR = fast nose breathing
    NE = normal nose breathing after exercise
    BP = deep mouth breathing
    BN = normal mouth breathing
    BR = fast mouth breathing
    BE = normal mouth breathing after exercise

A scientific journal publication detailling all test procedure is soon to be made available too.