The Bio-Auditory Research Platform (BioARP) is composed of the BRAMSBioBox (B3) interconnected with proprietary instrumented earpieces from EERS Global Technologies.

The BRAMSBioBox is illustrated in the figure below:

Overview of the BRAMSBioBox, the foundation of the BioARP.

More information is available in the following presentations:

Vugt, Floris van, Valentin Pintat, Dawn Merrett, Simone Dalla Bella, and Jeremie Voix. 2022. “BRAMSBioBox: Developing an Open Research Platform for Audio and Biosignals Monitoring.” In Canadian Acoustics, 50–3:2p. St. John’s, Newfoundland.
Jérémie Voix. 2022. “Auditory Research Platform: Towards Powerful Toys for Music Researchers.” Presentation presented at the Interactive Session 6: Music, embodied and embrained | Le son du futur / Le futur du son, McGill University, Montreal (QC), May 26.