Chin Strap: a true “buzz”

This article was recently accepted for publication and as the publisher enjoyed it alot,  decided to send a Press Release on September 15th, 2014. Within a few hours, we had a first interview with BBC, and within 24h, we were flooded with requests for interviews for magazines, scientific blogs, radios and even TV interviews
Because that was a lot of excitement and may not happen again before our Nobel prize, we decided to list hereby the media hits we got.

The bottom line is that while this was only a preliminary proof-of-concept, this confirms the interest is having all our future “wearables” harvest locally some of the energy they will need. You can rest ensured that we will pursue our research efforts in this domain! You’re welcome to join  forces.

TV Interviews

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Radio Interviews

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Magazine Articles

La mastication: source d’énergie renouvelable | Le Monde

Type Magazine Article
Author Nataniel Herzberg
URL Private copy
Edition 8 octobre 2014
Publication Le Monde
Date 2014

Blog Posts

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