Mission and Research Focus

CRITIAS focuses on the development of various technologies designed to complement the human ear, from “intelligent” hearing protection and communications in high-noise environments to the integration of in-ear brain-computer interfaces and wearable hearing diagnostics. The Research Chair activities focus on three areas:

Digital Hearing Protection

  • Continuous dosimetry (24 hours)
  • Individual susceptibility to hearing loss
  • Objective attenuation measurement in real-time

Communication in High-Noise Environments

  • In-ear microphone voice pick up
  • Onboard radio-communication system
  • Radio-acoustic virtual environment (RAVE)
  • Selective amplification
  • Speech enhancement

In-Ear Biosensing

  • Brain-computer interfaces (BCI)
  • Cognitive biometry
  • Hearing fatigue and recovery measurement
  • In-ear biosignals
  • In-ear electroencephalography

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